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  1. Last seasons, UCL winner Thiago Alcantara debuted with in the Super Sunday clash with Chelsea at Stanford Bridge, Spain. At the beginning of the second half he came in strongly and his presence was felt. Do you think this 29 year old will help Liverpool to retain the title?
  2. I have a feeling that Godfrey and Todibo are popular because they have been overly hyped. They both have great talent and good team players but i believe Godfrey could would be a better choice because he has the experience from the last premier league. https://theathletic.com/2096090/2020/09/28/deadline-day-ornstein-sancho-lacazette-brewster/
  3. Since 2013, I've been watching football closely. I can a say i have been an addict. Especially Arsenal. But I've found around the world that the marketing of kit number seems to be a very big deal. I wonder how the process works. Do the clubs come to the player or does the player ask for it? As a die-hard Saka fan, how did he end up with the strong Number #7 kit? Same to the others, how did they choose their numbers?
  4. This is crazy! It is nice to laugh at Spurs, Chelsea and city, but it cant help but think we're going to have some sort of a bad day in today's game! Every year the premier league looks even more and more threatening.
  5. This is what it think will go down: Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Guilbert Luiz Traoure MGinn Grealish Hourihane Watkins Surprises: Guilbert included on right cos neither left backs excelled Substittues: Lansbury Davis Trez Ramsey Elmo Targett Steer Ramsey inc subs bench, he's just got to get more pitch time Guilbert is a great player, but i don't know at what point he will be entering the squad. He played left 7 times in his career for over 177 games. The 2 matches he played left for Villa were more like emergency, we were cut off from the bench in the games (1-4 Leiceste
  6. Sometimes i wonder what Udonis Haslem does! Why don't thye just make him an official trainer or manager?! Because it seems currently he is just some kind of coach or motivational speaker with no authority whatsover!
  7. This is a great achievement! Its strange that no one had beaten Brochard's record since 1997. Congratulations to Julian Alaphilippe, you have made France proud.
  8. He looks pretty young. He has a whole life ahead on him. Keep it up Mexer. Soon he will be playing in the EPL!
  9. 16 wins in a row! This is great performance and Congratulations for Sydney for winning for the 5th time! The A-League is not an easy one. They really worked hard for this. This is definitely the best team Sydney has ever had.
  10. I had no idea Mexer played in France. He is going paces. At only 32, he still has got plenty of life and opportunities ahead of him.
  11. She is a level headed woman. The finances are safe with her. @bomb you are right. The predecessors have set the bar high for her. Plus with the unplanned events that came up after the pandemic hit, will push her to think outside the box. But her past record speaks for her, she has handled bigger tasks before this.
  12. Quite a good formation there. The sad thing is that the game will be played on an empty pitch! No fans on site! I wonder how the players will be motivated. Giolito is a good pitcher. Hope to catch up with the game.
  13. Quite commendable for the sheet metal workers. This should act as an example to other corporates. They should do the same at this time of the pandemic. There is need for many such gestures. From the look of things, the fight against the virus will most definitely be an endless one. Requires concerted efforts from various sectors of the economy.
  14. Sure, i don't think we stand a chance with the type of payers we're left with. Anyway, let us be optimistic. Something may come up. The graph has always been going up and down for a while now. All we need is a dedicated few, plus the coach matters alot!
  15. I don't know, having the president of the state Liberal Party as the president sounds like something only the Adelaide Crows can do. Whether it pans out to be a good choice or not, nobody knows. It is a matter of speculations. Plus it seems they are just doing what every person in power does; taking care of each other's white collar jobs.
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