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  1. Welcome to clicksport. You one stop Sports Shop. Here, you will not only get an engaging community of sports fanatics, but also a mixture of news, reviews, events and action taking place all over the world in all he sports you can ever imagine. Think of it as an encyclopaedia of sports. Hope to see you around more.
  2. I also believe the regulatory part will be a big problem. I have seen it being done at a local level. It seems to work, but just like any kind of gambling, many aspect of it will slip unnoticed by the authority. Better still, that is the beauty of sports betting! The illegalities around it makes it remain the largest cash cow in the world.
  3. Some people were just designed to be support staff. He plays that rele very well, upgrading him may cause more harm than good. I think he should just stay there. Advice the team and ensure everything is in order from where he seats. Yes, he seems very knowledgeable but not enough to be a manager. Management calls for more than that.
  4. Sorry mate! That was a 3:1 instead! Anyway, it is very early to predict the direction the premier league will take but Arsenal's performance yesterday was dismal. Quite unexpected of Arsenal. Am actually surprised by how things went. Ok, liverpool is an equally strong opponent, but still, this was ARSENAL 😃
  5. Springboks need not to worry. The pandemic has slowed all teams equally! No team is well prepared for anything now. Training and coaching has been inconsistent in every sport for the last quarter. The level of preparedness is wanting in almost every sport out there.
  6. I have just watched some games on twitch and from the look of things esport generally will be the next big thing. With the current growth in the gaming industry, this is gonna grow. And the betting seems to catch up very well with it. Any sport without betting is boring. So i guess, the betting bit just makes it more interesting. It makes you wanna see it more.
  7. Hahaha.....now yesterday Liverpool confirmed that it will not take 25years!! Beating Arsenal 3:1 was a great achievement for Liverpool. Now stop hating on them, they are on the right path to take this Premier league title. But, yes it is too early to predict whether they can take the title.
  8. Yes, pretty bad. It confirms that the pandemic is real. There are those who were saying it is just a controversy theory etched by the superpowers. When it touches on close relatives or prominent people like this, it makes me feel that the virus is real. Plus i fear that the effects of the virus are still evidence in many countries, we need to slow down the resumption to normal business.
  9. True, am quite optimistic that she will revolutionize the sector. Women are known to be very transparent and strict when it comes to management of money and other resources. She has been a performer in her earlier jobs, that raises my confidence in her.
  10. This is an interesting kind of sport! And am seeing it being adopted internationally, its like kick volleyball. But from the look of things, it really requires someone to be VERY VERY flexible. Its like kungfu footaball. Lots of flying kicks. Sepak takraw differs from other (closely related sports like footvolley) by the use of a rattan ball which only requires players to strike the ball using feet, knee, chest and head.
  11. How have you adjusted your travelling plans so that you are safe from the virus. I am still worried that people have started travelling. Some international flights have resumed. But am still not confident that the virus has been maintained. I will not travel in the next few months or so. Better be save than sorry.
  12. That makes the two of us, something else that i have also discovered recently is that there is eSport Betting. Quite unheard of in my hood. But i have tried it out and it seems to be real. I think that is the next generation of betting.
  13. Have you tried eSport betting? how did it go for you? I personally haven't tried it yet, but am highly considering it, since the main sport betting sites have reduced lately.
  14. I cant wait for Alexander Khomenko's play in the Euroleague game. Its been a wile since CSKA played in the Euroleague, i think it has been over 10 years! The trio: Mike James, Daniel Hackett and Janis Strelnieks will be a must watch.
  15. Oh..my this is very unfortunate. Especially when it comes at the time when the pandemi restrictions were supposed to ease a little. I hope it was discovered early enough, so that he can be treated and released on time for the next open. This pandemic has really killed the sports industry. The impact will be felt in many years to come.
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