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Esports During Covid19

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That makes the two of us, something else that i have also discovered recently  is that there is eSport Betting. Quite unheard of in my hood. But i have tried it out and it seems to be real. I think that is the next generation of betting. 

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12 hours ago, ClickSport23 said:

I read about people betting in Fifa 20 Games, that is kinda crazy lol

True, esport betting sounds crazy! But i think it is the only sustainable thing that can survive the pandemic. What am wondering, how is it moderated? What are the chances of the players intentionally altering the results in order to take the money or something? 

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I have just watched some games on twitch and from the look of things esport generally will be the next big thing. With the current growth in the gaming industry, this is gonna grow. And the betting seems to catch up very well with it. Any sport without betting is boring. So i guess, the betting bit just makes it more interesting. It makes you wanna see it more. 

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