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  2. Urwerk's limited-edition watch inspired by space lets you measure time like an astronaut However, you must be a member of an exclusive watch club located in Silicon Valley to own one.replica Urwerk 1001 watches With Branson and Bezos recently flying into space, Urwerk's latest watch felt like it was launched in time. Although this niche independent Swiss watchmaker has always been known for producing futuristic pieces with unusual time displays, the latest UR-100V P.02 pays tribute to the experience of driving a rocket, with a dial that tracks typical space launches and The landing s
  3. Haven't played at all since pandemic and rackets sit in bag for 1.5 years. It was 26lb when strung. Will tension stay around 24-25lb? Also, if I restring to 27-28 lb and let it sit 1 month, will it play similar to 26 lb strung new? View the full article
  4. Preface One topic that pops up on BC on a regular basis is the question, if certain stringing patterns perform better or worse than others in terms of tension loss over time. A statement that comes up is that using 1-piece patterns have a bigger tension loss than 2-piece patterns (or vice versa), last seen in this thread: https://www.badmintoncentral.com/fo...-more-i-can-do-to-reduce-tension-loss.188003/ And so far, there has been a lot... Tension loss experiments / 1-piece vs. 2-piece and othersView the full article
  5. Hi, I want to know how long it would take for my parcel to get delivered to Vancouver. I ordered online with My badminton store, standard air mail. Thanks! View the full article
  6. Hi, Planning to buy Comfort Z2, I had 65Z2 wide edition, and because it was to wide I sold them to one of my friends. Now planning to buy new pare and have possibility, for the same price, to buy comfort Z2, Can anyone compare them 65Z2 with Comfort Z2? or at least share their experience about comfort Z2? Thanks View the full article
  7. BWF released the complete list of the postponed Tokyo OG qualifiers yesterday : MS (total 43) : https://extranet.bwfbadminton.com/d...ympic Qualification _18-05-2021_.xlsx MS.pdf View attachment 198797 WS (total 42) : https://extranet.bwfbadminton.com/d...lympic Qualification _18-05-2021_. WS pdf.pdf... XXXII Tokyo OLYMPIC GAMES - The Qualifiers View the full article
  8. Good evening all, Obviously with all the chaos this past year there are a lot of unkown variables heading into Tokyo this month. Still, now that we know the draw, I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts on who you favor to take gold. I'm not particularly confident in any of my picks, but I'll share my thoughts first and hopefully other fans will join the discussion. Cheers! View the full article
  9. Victor Hypernano X 900 For a clubmate. £75? I will get him to confirm. UK based, Wiltshire. Thanks. Possible trades for AX99 I believe. View the full article
  10. Buried in the Mizuno rackets thread we've hit a topic which I think is worth giving some separate room for discussion. For reference, here's the link: https://www.badmintoncentral.com/fo...no-badminton-2017.160986/page-73#post-2680713 From the way it developed there, I expect an interesting and controversial discsussion. styles/default/xenforo/clear.png And once more for reference, here's a classic clip from the MS finals of the All England '75 with 8 times AE-winner Rudy Hartono vs.... 1975 vs. 2018 - Badminton performance & gear over the years View the full article
  11. Do you guys have any recommendations for an ultra fast racket medium (not overly stiff) flex? Currently using Auraspeed 90S, but even with the 3U, not generating enough power in the smash especially from the back court. Though I am more a 'drive' type doubles player, would love to be able to do the power smash on occasion to surprise opponents with that added arsenal. View the full article
  12. It is only days before Sarah Sponcil and Kelly Claes will begin their last push for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Six events remain on the schedule: Doha, three tournaments in Cancun, Sochi, and Ostrava. Six events left to claim the second American berth to Tokyo. They understand the magnitude of what needs to be done in order to qualify. They are just 24 and 25 years old, yet they must pass a five-time Olympian in Kerri Walsh Jennings, the greatest to ever play this game, the one whom they grew up watching on TV in Athens and Beijing and London and, just last quad, Rio de Janeiro. They were kids
  13. Tokyo Olympics men’s handball preview by Chris O’Reilly With the Tokyo 2020(ne) handball event beginning on Saturday, here’s a look at the men’s competition, with the 12 teams pigeonholed into categories which may well come back to bite this writer in the arse come 7 August – but that is what previews are all about. With a gorgeous Yoyogi National Gymnasium set to be completely empty and athletes facing unprecedented restrictions, this will be an Olympic games like no other but assuming the competitors can channel that out of their systems and focus on the tasks at hand, here is how they sha
  14. The Olympic beach volleyball field was set — until it wasn’t. COVID continues to wreak its havoc on the sporting world, with both Taylor Crabb and Czech Republic defender Ondrej Perusic testing positive upon arrival in Tokyo (with another player rumored to have tested positive as well). At the moment, it’s unclear whether Crabb has been ruled out for the Olympics, or must simply quarantine until he tests negative. The Orange County Register reported that Perusic is only likely to miss his first match, not the entire Tokyo Olympic Games. At the moment, however, Tri Bourne, a good friend of Cr
  15. Just arrived from shuttle-house japan. But I haven't got time to use it now. Will go out of town for the next 4 days styles/default/xenforo/clear.png Pictures below. Spoiler: WaveFangZero View the full article
  16. Multiple sources are reporting that beach volleyball player Taylor Crabb has tested positive for COVID-19 in Tokyo and is in quarantine. Crabb was scheduled to play in the Olympics with Jake Gibb but will now apparently be replaced by another Hawaiian, Tri Bourne. According to the Orange County Register: Crabb tested positive shortly after arriving in Japan over the weekend, according to a person familiar with the situation. The former NCAA player of the year for Long Beach State and two-time AVP tour MVP becomes the first Team USA athlete scheduled to compete in Tokyo to test positive for
  17. Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv bolstered its froncourt by inking big man Roman Sorkin to a one-year deal with an option for another season, the club announced Wednesday. View the full article
  18. FC Barcelona strengthened its backcourt by inking combo guard Rokas Jokubaitis to a four-year deal, the club announced Wednesday. View the full article
  19. FC Bayern Munich added size and experience to its roster by inking center Othello Hunter to a one-year deal, the club announced Wednesday. View the full article
  20. After helping the team reach the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Playoffs last season, big man Anton Pushkov will continue for two more seasons with Zenit St Petersburg, the club announced on Wednesday. View the full article
  21. You could certainly argue that of the six USA volleyball teams in the Tokyo Olympics — women’s indoor, men’s indoor, and two beach pairs of each gender — that the American indoor women have the best shot at gold. They’re ranked No. 1 in the world and coming off a dominating performance last month in Rimini, Italy, where they won the Volleyball Nations League, losing just one match along the way. “We’re happy that we got out of it healthy. We left VNL healthier than we entered, so props to our medical team and strength-and-conditioning coaches,” said Luka Slabe, not only the team’s defensive
  22. WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT All times local (JST) Group A: Angola (ANG), Republic of Korea (KOR), Norway (NOR), Montenegro (MNE), Netherlands (NED), Japan (JPN) Group B: Brazil (BRA), France (FRA), Hungary (HUN), Russia, Spain (ESP), Sweden (SWE) PRELIMINARY ROUND Sunday 25 July 09:00 Netherlands vs Japan 11:00 ROC vs Brazil 14:15: Montenegro vs Angola 16:15 Norway vs Republic of Korea 19:30 Spain vs Sweden 21:30 Hungary vs France Tuesday 27 July 09:00 Japan vs Montenegro 11:00 Brazil vs Hungary 14:15 Sweden vs ROC 16:15 Republic of Korea vs Netherlands 19:30 Angola vs Norway 21:30 Fr
  23. MEN’S TOURNAMENT All times local (JST) Group A: Argentina (ARG), Spain (ESP), Germany (GER), France (FRA), Norway (NOR), Brazil (BRA) Group B: Bahrain (BRN), Egypt (EGY), Portugal (POR), Sweden (SWE), Denmark (DEN), Japan (JPN) PRELIMINARY ROUND Saturday 24 July 09:00 Norway vs Brazil 11:00 France vs Argentina 14:15 Sweden vs Bahrain 16:15 Germany vs Spain 19:30 Portugal vs Egypt 21:30 Denmark vs Japan Monday 26 July 09:00 Brazil vs France 11:00 Argentina vs Germany 14:15 Egypt vs Denmark 16:15 Spain vs Norway 19:30 Bahrain vs Portugal 21:30 Japan vs Sweden Wednesday 28 July
  24. On Tuesday morning, 7DAYS EuroCup champ AS Monaco announced the comeback of guard Yakuba Ouattara for next season. View the full article
  25. LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne continued filling out its roster with the addition of combo guard Chris Jones for next season, the club announced on Tuesday. View the full article
  26. Panathinaikos OPAP Athens announced on Tuesday the addition of young Nikos Chougkaz for the next four years, even if he will be sent on loan right away to see more playing time in Ionikos Nikaias, the team where he also played last season. View the full article
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